As VP of Customer Success for CrowdStreet, Tony oversees a dedicated team of consultants focused on ensuring the long-term success, growth and efficiency of all CrowdStreet customers. This includes managing customer loyalty and relationships, professional services, and customer care/support. Tony brings over 13 years of experience in the alternative Investments industry and over 19 years focused on professional services and enterprise technology.

Prior to CrowdStreet, Tony was the VP of Customer Success at Backstop Solutions Group (Chicago, IL) and served as Senior VP, Client Services at Cogency Software (Burlingame, CA). Tony joined Backstop when the company acquired Cogency in 2015. Tony started his career in New York City and served as Director of the Project Management Office at Appian Bridge Corp, a startup proprietary software and consulting firm.

Tony holds a BA from Colgate University in upstate NY.